The Point System Made Easy

Here are all the specifics about our scoring system. It might seem complex at first glance, but don’t worry –
it’s more straightforward than it appears. You know how lawyers are, they like everything laid out clearly.
Let’s rock this!

  • 1- Complete Registration Form – Earn 500 Points

    Complete the registration form with detailed insights into your corporate culture and highlight your CEO’s achievements. This is your platform to showcase your company’s excellence and the brilliance of your CEO.

  • 2- Recruit Registrants – Gain 1,000 Points or more

    It’s as easy as sharing your unique landing page and encouraging others to join the contest. For every successful registration using your link with a valid work email address, you’ll earn 10 points. Rally 25 registrations, and you’ll secure an impressive 250 points. Rally 100 registrants and you’ll secure a whopping 1,000 points. It’s the simplest and most impacting way to earn points and contribute to the success of the contest.

  • 3- Task Completion Rewards – Up to 800 Points

    Stay engaged by completing tasks sent directly to your inbox. These tasks, typically sent out twice a week, focus on social media engagement, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn. By sharing promotional assets, reacting, and engaging according to the provided plan, you can accumulate up to 800 points throughout the contest. Each task takes about 5 minutes, and the creative assets provided are top-notch! It’s a flexible way to earn points at your own pace.

  • 4- Optional: Showcase Your Company with a Video – 500 Points

    Create a brief video (no more than 60 seconds) spotlighting your company or CEO. Please post it on your LinkedIn page and tag Kraig Kleeman’s profile, along with the profiles of 5 colleagues from your workplace. Get creative by perhaps adding background music, do a dance, offer clever commentary, speak in rhymes – have fun with it! Our Celebrity Judges love creativity!

  • 5- Celebrity Judge Bonus Points – Potential 500 Points

    Our panel of Celebrity Judges will evaluate your commentary in the “Corporate Bragging Rights” and “Brag About Your CEO” sections of your registration form, as well as any optional videos submitted. Points will be awarded based on authenticity, originality, and positivity, with the chance to earn up to 500 points from our esteemed judges.